About GeoMoto

After years of building and working on motorcycles, I decided to go all in and make GeoMoto a reality in 2017.  I spent the last 10 years working as a petroleum geologist by day to fund my real passion, building bikes, hence the name, GeoMoto.  I have found that nothing provides more satisfaction than seeing a design in the mind and making it a reality.  

Over the years of building from my garage, I've noticed more and more people stopping by to see the "project of the day".  It's amazing to see just how many people love building, or at least learning more about the process.  Just because somebody loves art, doesn't mean they have to be a painter.  This led me to create GeoMoto and begin on a location for all those enthusiasts of "hands-on-art" to talk shop, learn, and relax with a coffee or beer.  I hope to see you all at GeoMoto's new location soon!!!